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People in Wisconsin are known for having a spirit and energy that transcends our professional and personal lives. We have an independent nature, a "can-do" attitude, a known tendency to want to "lead the charge" and a fun, friendly and adventuresome nature. We live life to the fullest and welcome visitors, new residents and businesses, with a warm and friendly smile.

There is a reason the people of Wisconsin are the way they are: Wisconsinites enjoy a superior quality of life. Wisconsin offers diverse geography, a clean environment, a climate with four distinct seasons, and a wide variety of lifestyle opportunities. Stable communities, safe streets, high-quality schools, and excellent social and health care services characterize life in Wisconsin.

Wisconsin offers a desirable environment for work and play. Sail, fish or boat on one of Wisconsin’s 15,057 lakes, swing a club on over 500 golf courses, cheer at one of our popular sporting events or enjoy a quiet picnic, biking, hiking, skiing, camping or rock climbing. Known as a destination point for those who love the outdoors, Wisconsin offers pristine rivers, lakes, parks and forests and year-round sporting and recreational diversions for all.

We encourage you to take a closer look at Wisconsin’s wonderful quality of life and find out why living in Wisconsin is so good!


Top 10 Reasons for Living in Wisconsin Here are 10 key reasons why Wisconsin’s quality lifestyle is so attractive and why more and more businesses are awakening to a side of Wisconsin that is so much more diverse than milk, cheese and beer.
Top 10 Reasons.

Wisconsin Cities Dominate List of Most Secure U.S. Places to Live
According to Farmers Insurance Group’s ranking, Madison, Wisconsin tops off the list at #3 with Appleton, Green Bay, Oshkosh, and Neenah trailing in close proximity. Click here to view the Top 25 Most Secure U.S. Places to Live.

Homeowner Insurance Rates Second Lowest
While the national average was $668, Wisconsin’s average came in at $434, second only to Idaho.

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